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Direct : lancement de Jason-3 le 17 janvier 2016

La campagne de lancement de Jason-3 avait été interrompue suite à l’échec du lanceur Falcon-9 survenu le 28 juin 2015.

El Niño : une fin d'année en beauté


Le lancement d’Insight annulé pour 2016

SPOT 5 makes its final curtain call

After acquiring millions of pictures of Earth, the SPOT 5 satellite was retired from service between 1 and 11 December. Following a series of 6 orbital manoeuvres to lower its perigee (the point on its orbit closest to Earth), the satellite’s fuel tanks were emptied and its batteries disconnected by CNES teams in Toulouse. It is now stationed safely in an elliptical orbit at an altitude between 625 and 809.

Jason-3 to launch 17 January 2016

Le satellite SPOT-5 tire sa révérence

Jason-3 sera lancé le 17 janvier 2016

ZERO-G, en route vers l'impesanteur !


El Niño: satellites see red

FLEX mission to be next ESA Earth Explorer

The Fluorescence Explorer (FLEX) mission will map vegetation fluorescence to quantify photosynthetic activity.

The conversion of atmospheric carbon dioxide and sunlight into energy-rich carbohydrates through photosynthesis is one of the most fundamental processes on Earth - and one on which we all depend.

Information from FLEX will improve our understanding of the way carbon moves between plants and the atmosphere and how photosynthesis affects the carbon and water cycles.